How to translate ideas into inspiration?

My name is Marcelo Manucci. I live in two creative worlds. First, an intellectual world of concepts and models that allow me to approach the emotional universe of people. Secondly, is the world of producing multimedia content videos for training groups, virtual educational platforms, and personal presentations.

I am a Psychologist, with a Ph.D. in Communication and in Cognitive Neurosciences. I am the author of seven books on communication, Emotional Development, Change, and Emotions. I have been working as a consultant and a lecturer at different Universities throughout America and Spain.

My goal is to form a creative relationship with writers and thinkers to provide them with a different space of expression. The result of this relationship is an impressive and a remarkable aesthetic product.

Living between these two worlds, I found a need in thinkers and writers to express their ideas in new formats with increased levels of impact. This gap of expression led me to create text [to] frame with the aim of transforming ideas into inspiring experiences. I have joined these two worlds to provide a creative bridge for great thinkers and writers in order that they might develop new, more effective ways to transmit their messages.

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